DS Domination Review – Drop Shipping Made Easy?

DS Domination logoHave you ever wanted to earn an income from home?

Have you ever bought or sold an item through an online marketplace such as Amazon or eBay?

Can you copy and paste text and images?

If so, it may be worth your time to evaluate DS Domination.

What is DS Domination?

DS [Drop Shipping] Domination is an online membership program that teaches it’s members how to successfully drop ship online products from home through a series of step-by-step training videos and software tools.

ds domination roger langille

DS Domination was founded by Roger Langille, an eBay Titanium Power Seller who hasn’t worked a job in a decade. During that time, he’s generated over 1.8 million dollars in sales just from his computer.

On August 23, 2013, Roger launched DS Domination to share his knowledge and experience on leveraging some of the biggest companies in the world to create a full time income from home.

Drop shipping products is an old concept and legitimate business model that has been around for quite some time.

How does drop shipping work?

Drop shippers operate their own virtual retail store that sells products for more than what they actually pay for them. When an order is placed, the item is then shipped directly from their drop ship suppliers [wholesaler] to the buyer.
drop shippingSimply put, you are running your own online store that can be accessed from anywhere. Your products can be supplied from anywhere and in most cases, can be shipped anywhere.

The DS Domination Business Model

  • Low Cost to Start
  • No Required Blogging, SEO, Traffic Generation/Conversion, Solo Ads or other Paid Marketing Strategies
  • Create a Sustainable Business Without Recruiting
  • Leverage Large Businesses and Existing Platforms
  • Make a Profit
  • Use Profits to Grow Your Business

DS Domination for the Member

Pro: $19.99 per month
DS Domination Pro is all about getting your feet wet with drop shipping. Pro members start off with nineteen Core Training Video Modules to get you started on making a small income.

The training in this level teaches members the gist of drop shipping with Amazon and eBay. Topics covered include setting up accounts, how to find the right products, listing items to sell, shipping to the buyer, handling returns and more.

Pro level focuses heavily on using the Amazon and eBay marketplaces to recoup your initial investment and start earning profits ranging from $3-$20 per sale.

Elite: $99.99 per month
DS Domination Elite teaches members how to use the fundamentals learned in Pro to increase their income by selling more products, posting more listings, using [seven] more product sources and how to begin selling on Google.

This Core Modules in this level focus on expanding your business by branching out and away from competition by using more suppliers and setting up an additional shop to earn profits ranging from $20-$100 per sale.

Unleashed: $249.00 one-time fee
DS Domination Unleashed includes training on marketplaces in addition to eBay and Google. Members also learn exclusive methods that allow you to widen profit margins on each product sale. These methods show you how to start reducing your supply costs, lowering fees, increasing sales percentage, getting cash back rewards, shipping worldwide and more.

Unleashed is all about peaking your income potential by selling high and buying low. You will learn how to take the extra step to give yourself even less competition, making extra money per transaction and earning profits ranging from $100-$1000 per sale.

Monopoly: $499.00 one-time fee
Monopoly is the flagship product of DS Domination. This training is all about getting access to suppliers and products with the absolute lowest prices, selling items lower than the competition and in some cases, exclusively.

This level takes it all back to where you started but this time, covering in detail, how there is so much more profit to be made by actively selling on Amazon! Monopoly also provides exclusive UPC barcodes to DSD members which make it a necessity for any serious product vendor in eCommerce!

DS Domination for the Affiliate Marketer

You do not have to recruit a single person in DS Domination to be successful. If you choose to become an affiliate, you will have the opportunity to earn generous commissions by promoting the training platform.

Affiliate: $9.99 per month
Any new members that sign up for the DS Domination training program through your personal affiliate link is placed on your first level. You are qualified to receive commissions on the sale of any product that you have already purchased. You will then earn a percentage of every purchase your new members make; this includes monthly residual commissions for all recurring Pro and Elite level membership fees. However, the monthly affiliate fee is non-commisionable.

The DS Domination compensation plan pays affiliates down through ten levels of your organization.

ds domination compensation plan

Personally sponsoring your first new member qualifies you for the first five levels of the compensation plan. Once you have personally sponsored fourteen members, you qualify to be paid on levels six through ten.

Market Xtreme: $199.00 one-time fee
Market Xtreme Pack is an internetwork marketer’s Swiss army knife. This is a system that includes everything you need to automate 90% of your internetwork marketing business[es].

This pack teaches you how to build and use each component that makes a successful sales funnel that runs on autopilot to rake in commissions for the affiliate. This automated system can be designed to market DS Domination or another product or business opportunity.

Other things to be noted…

In addition to the training modules, upon purchasing each product, you will get immediate access to that level’s software and entire webinar archive.

The leadership team behind DS Domination strongly encourages members to take their time and gradually progress through step-by-step training program.  The team openly discourages members from going “all-in” and purchasing the advanced levels as fast as possible, but rather buy them using your profits earned from the previous level. <— WOW!!

Roger Langille claims that DS Domination has a 90% retention rate and 83% of new members have experienced profitability in their first 30 days.

My Thoughts on DS Domination

Being an online seller for over eight years using sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, I’ve made a decent amount of money. However, constantly finding products was always a grind and while the money is good, it’s stops coming in once the inventory dries up.

I first heard about drop shipping in 2008 but didn’t quite understand what it was. As soon as I saw the opening video for DS Domination, it finally clicked!

This program is drastically different from anything I’ve ever seen. Business is about going into profit mode & DS Domination shows you how to do it quickly and then scale your business using those profits.

What’s In It For You?

If you’ve tried various programs and network marketing companies and nothing seems to work…try DS Domination!

+ Low risk entry fee [only $19.99 to start]
+ Great earning potential just marketing products [no relying on recruiting]
+ No pressure to go “all in” [DS Domination recommends using your profits to upgrade]
+ Business model and compensation plan greatly rewards your personal efforts

 Product payments may be held for new sellers [not a DS Domination flaw, but a PayPal security precaution]

If you decide to take massive positive action by learning the ins and outs, finding a rhythm, developing a workflow, getting committed and staying consistent, you can blow through this simple process…and as an experienced seller, I can help you do that! Simple doesn’t mean easy, however, I believe this will be the easiest program you will find.

Act now and Join DS Domination and you will be added to our exclusive Facebook Mastermind group. Our new members receive a Quick Start guide to help you get started and selling asap! You will have access to DS Domination Team Training, valuable marketing tools, extra video training and access to an awesome community who is here to help.

Here, you can interact with the other members of our team; ask questions, start discussions, share ideas, opinions and techniques. SEE the success people are having!

Now ask yourself…

“Does this make sense?”

“Can I do this?”

WILL I do this

…or will I let another opportunity pass me by?”

What are you waiting for?

Join DS Domination today!

act now

With the intent to inform, indulge and inspire!

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New Year Resolutions Are Worthless

new year resolutionsI despise new year “resolutions”.

New year resolutions are not goals. Although people claim to have these “goals”, they are just wishes that they hope magically come true for them.

I’m not being mean, condescending, hating or any other negative verb you could throw at me, but I AM being blunt and just saying what is.

How could I say that?


By doing a quick Google search to define WISH, you will see:


1. feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

1. a desire or hope for something to happen.

BLAH! That’s such a sissified, powerless verb! All of the strong desire, hope and positive thought in the world won’t get you anything or anywhere.

…and by doing a quick Google search to define GOAL, you will see:


 2. the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

The “something” from exhibit-A is the “object” of exhibit-B.

To do or not to do?
THAT is the resolution!

Your concrete commitment is the resolution. To DO makes that “something“, that “object” your goal.  So clearly, when someone is telling you about what they want to achieve yet not doing anything to achieve it, they are only wishing.

Wishing: When they say they want to lose weight and will start working out in January…and it’s August!

Wishing: When they say they’re going to eat better in January…and still have thirty dinners to eat before it gets here!

New year resolutions give wishers more time to be lazy and undisciplined.

Working: Working out NOW, realizing that you have four months to lose weight and will be two sizes smaller BY January.

Working: Eating better NOW realizing that after thirty healthy dinners, you will be in the habit BY January.

Proactive workers set deadlines and milestones dates.

Still think new year resolutions are goals?

Well, how much ambition does a person really have to let a declared “number-in-a-box” be the deciding factor to when they should start working on their goals?

That’s not taking the initiative.

Furthermore, how much effort are they really giving [or even contain!], by letting thirty, sixty or ninety WHOLE days come and go while they do nothing?

A wish is something you ultimately want to come true.

A goal is something you actively make come true.

People with ambition are Workers.

They get started by making an effort and then set a future date to accomplish their goals BY.

People with hope are Wishers.

They continue to waste time and then set a future date that they expect to get procrastination out of their system.

That “something” will always be a distant “object” to wishers, but it will be the goal of workers.

When I hear someone speak on their new year resolutions, I ask them…

“Well, what are you going to do in the meantime?”

95% of the time: “Ummmm…”

A friend of mine asked me what my new year resolutions were.

To be honest, I haven’t made any since I was around twelve or thirteen years old.

But I do have a goal

…and by the end of this Gregorian calendar year, I plan to achieve this goal.

My goal of earning a full-time income entirely from my laptop.

Yes, I’m actively working on it

…and have been, well before January 1, 2014.

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

– Goethe

Not later, NOW.

Forget the new year resolutions and turn some-thing, some-how on some-day…

into THIS-thing, THIS-way by THIS-day!

Make the positive slight edge decision and the compound effect WILL kick in.

With the intent to inform, indulge and inspire!

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