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Left to fend for myself.
I’ve been there

…but I don’t want YOU to be there

…or STAY there!

I started this blog for three simple reasons:


Experience is indeed the BEST teacher and I’ve learned a lot from my unsuccessful attempts at success. No, not failed, I said unsuccessful because in order to fail, you have to stop trying. I chose not to quit…and if you’re here, you took the initiative by searching for answers and not quitting.

The whole reason I started this blog is to share a wealth of knowledge I’ve gained about the network marketing industry. Soon after, I began learning about Internet Marketing and the benefits of combining the two to build my primary business…but not only did it help build my business, it branched my business.

I’ve been through the trials, and I’ve seen others go through them. Now I want to educate the novice marketer, the frustrated marketer, heck…even the successful marketer on what I have found to be the simple, most effective ways to build a networking business. You’re never too good to learn, right?

Become a student again, allow me to educate [NOT school] you and help YOU become the Master Network Marketer, Master Internet Marketer, or better yet…

…the Master InterNetwork Marketer!

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Knowledge isn’t power, only massive positive action. You have little to gain by just reading the information and watching the videos. I want you to take whatever it is that you can learn here and apply it to your business.

Engage in the trainings,
Engage in the challenges,
Engage in the recommendations,
…but DON’T leave your gauge on E.

If you’ve come with your own vehicle, I’ll chart the course but YOU have to fuel up and travel it. If you don’t have your own vehicle, the dealership may be open to the right driver.

Doubt takes you out of action but action takes you out of doubt. Be bold and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Entertain yourself with your mistakes, learn from them and GROW.

…so come onboard with ikenj.net to have fun & participate in the MinM lifestyle!


Not only do I want to give back by sharing what I’ve gained, I want my influence to duplicate through others and touch lives I would never reach on a solo effort. I want you to find a silver bullet in my words, add it to your arsenal

…and kill vampires!!

Hah, not really
[unless those vampires are negative thoughts that are sucking the life out of your vision!]

…but instead use it to impact another individual and empower them. One paradigm shift, attitude adjustment or inkling of inspiration bestowed upon another combined with the proper action could trigger a positive peak in their life and massive momentum in their business…or your business!

Share ideas.
Share stories.

Share the content you find useful with your partners, downline, sideline…anyone in your network that you believe would benefit from it.

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[…and finally]


Hi, my name is Ike!

I’m a big kid with an old soul.
I’m not really a fan of suits.
I can be professional without being corporate.
I prefer a nice shirt and shoes with a pair of jeans or slacks.

I was introduced to network marketing in June 2006. I was 18 years old, done with school and interested in what life had to offer outside of college. When I saw the opportunity to make a killing by simply marketing a service and leveraging my efforts, I jumped in head first, to hell with college!

There’s nothing more frustrating than being left out on an island to figure things out for yourself. Unfortunately, my sponsor was only good for peaking my interest and then my interest was piquing me. Just as soon as I enrolled, I was abandoned and left wondering, ‘What’s next?’

I’ve found that most people who are struggling are acting incorrectly or are acting inconsistently…and I did both.

Make lists, home meetings, local meetings, three-way calls, etc. Those methods can work, but unfortunately for most people they don’t work well enough…and for most people, that’s the end of the road for them.

Not for me

…and not for YOU!

…so, if you’re sick and tired of taking wrong, weak action, become an MinM insider!