AdGoggle Has Been Blocked by Facebook for Being “Spammy”!

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AdGoggle links have all been blocked and removed from Facebook.

Earlier today, Horr Wai Wong noticed the AdGoggle ads on Facebook had stopped running without any warning. The AdGoggle team then began receiving emails from users informing they could no longer invite their friends on Facebook.

Like Empower Network, Facebook has TOTALLY shut down all links to New users cannot sign-up by clicking on the ‘Sign-in using Facebook’ button on and current users are not able to sign in and access AdGoggle to view their stats and invite their friends. The platform is completely halted, a risk that is taken any time you rely on a third-party.

Some Facebook users have reported the AdGoggle links abusive.

CEO Wong response to this is:

I believe is caused by only a few people who are not familiar with what we are doing, or are just envious at the good response we have received. In what ways have we been abusive? Have we misused any user’s personal information?

When most people market online, they think the most effective method it to litter their own and everyone else’s profile about how great their offer is with links to company videos and capture pages. It is by far, the WORST way to market online. People don’t like to have ads shoved in their face or to be sold. AdGoggle is no exception.

CEO Wong has written Facebook requesting a detailed response and hopes to get the ban removed. A start-up company always has challenges and obstacles to overcome, even Empower Network had issues at first. They used PayPal to handle commissions and it was a see-saw experience. Empower Network then launched their own eWallet to handle payments. Once again, you relinquish control when relying on a third party.

All 17,065 of AdGoggle users and AdGoggle network sign-ups are NOT lost.

The sign-ups are not linked to Facebook and are recorded in AdGoggle’s own database. Everything will be returned to normal once Facebook removes the ban, or when AdGoggle’s own sign-in process is complete.

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