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You may or may not have heard of the mobile advertisement affiliate program called AdGoggle.

What is AdGoggle?

AdGoggle is a mobile application that pays users a monthly income when they or their network view and click on mobile advertisements. The company is founded by CEO Horr Wai Wong, a businessman based in Malaysia with a strong passion for IT.

Wong’s mission with AdGoggle is to build and profit the world’s largest multi-tier user network that advertisers can accurately, effectively and directly connect to. Watch the AdGoggle video HERE for more information.

It’s no surprise that mobile advertising is a big deal. Google’s Adsense has been optimized to detect a mobile device and now units will display ads in mobile-friendly versions. In 2010, Apple Inc. stuck its fork in the mobile advertising pie by launching iAds, a mobile advertising platform that allows developers to embed advertisements DIRECTLY into their application. These slick mobile advertisements can appear while the user is reading, checking highlights and stats or simply playing their favorite game. When clicked, or tapped, a rich, effective full screen advertisement launches complete with video, animation and are even INTERACTIVE.  Best of all, iAds never take the user out of the app.

These are two GIANTS that are participating in this space, giving this area some credibility.

How YOU can make money with AdGoggle in the Mobile Advertising market.

With a total of more than $2B spent on just mobile advertising in 2011, it is expected that this number will SKYROCKET to $13-15B in the next three years! Wouldn’t you love to even scrape up the crumbs from that pie? Well AdGoggle is giving people the opportunity to earn some of the cash by building a targeted audience to advertise to through your social networks, with Facebook being the highly favored medium.

If you’re into affiliate marketing, I’m sure you’ve heard of AdSense. Likewise, AdGoggle makes money from it’s advertisers and then shares a percentage of that revenue with its users that are promoting the ads.

Users will earn based on CPC, or Cost per Click. At the moment, AdGoggle hasn’t revealed the exact percentage it will pay out to its users. They indicate that their target is to pay every user with a network base of 5000 at least $1500 per month. AdGoggle will pay its users via PayPal, which is free to set up.

Is AdGoggle a scam?


AdGoggle follows an ordinary affiliate marketing structure combined with the added benefits of a multi-tier compensation plan. As with most affiliate marketing programs, there are no fees required by the user. Signing up for AdGoggle is FREE. Users will only get paid when they or their network engage the advertisements. If AdGoggle was a scam, the most they would get away with is email addresses, phone numbers or any other general information users have on their Facebook accounts. However, if that information is already online, then it’s no longer confidential.

In any event, there are MUCH simpler ways to obtain mass amounts of contact information that will save someone the unnecessary effort of launching a phony company.

Does AdGoggle make sense to YOU?

If you’re already familiar with AdSense and Chitika, then you have nothing to lose by trying AdGoggle. If not, let me tell you that it is yet another way you can monetize the traffic to your website or blog with the addition of now engaging your social media networks. AdGoggle is FREE to join and all you need to do to get started is to sign up using your Facebook account.

The company is still in pre-launch with plans to launch sometime in September. With a little more than a month to go, anyone can get started today and have a head start to build their network.

If you want to learn more about AdGoggle, click the button below and watch the short video. You can also stay up to speed on the latest news on the AdGoggle blog.

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