BlackBerry 9780 Camera Problem Workaround

blackberry 9780 camera problem

As much as I love my BlackBerry, I hate design flaws. The BlackBerry 9780 has a camera problem.

Now I RARELY take pictures on mobile phones because the quality is simply not there. I’d much rather grab the T2i or a point-and-shoot camera. When I do take pics using my phone, most of the time it’s of some completely random occurrence that I find humorous and want to upload to Twitpic. Aside from that, I have always considered the cameras on my phones useless…but it’s still there and when I want to use it, I expect it to work.

I’ve missed quite a few funny moments due to the camera on the 9780 just sitting there focused on the subject and failing to capture it. A few times, I was ready to throw the phone out of frustration. Fortunately, a solution has been discovered and I’m here to share it with all of the 9780 users that are experiencing this same dilemma in the video below.

Although it’s not a true fix, it works for me, for now. How about you?

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  • Will this workaround keep you satisfied for the time being until there is an official patch in the next update?

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  1. Azuka says:

    For the camera to act like that.that means there is some apps that ur bb is nt supporting so u have to delet it and do a security wipe and I will work put not that moment