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“Well actually, I’ve had them for a little over a week but I’m just getting around to sharing my experience.”

It all started one day when I was on YouTube looking up different basketball drills and strength exercises. I saw this one guy outside using what’s called a resistance band/tube slightly hunched over and doing a type of lateral raise w/ it. After that, I started looking into P90X and a few other programs and resistance bands just kept popping up in my face. So, I decided it was time to look into them.

I initially bought a cheap Gold’s Gym band from Walmart, just a yellow band w/ a handle on each end. It was weak so I returned it. BeachBody, makers of P90X, had their own set of bands called B-Lines. They were the first I’ve seen w/ detachable handles and the ability to thread up to three bands into each handle for extra resistance. After a little more Googling, I ran into the Bodylastics brand website from an article about Terrell Owens. Turns out he uses these same exact bands and has been for several years. The design of these bands were superior compared to the competition (wide handles, metal clips, huge door anchor) and after looking at a few reviews and live workout videos, I was sold.

I ordered the best set they offered, up to 388lbs (194 on each side) w/ at least two of everything but the bag and the books. At $130, figure $10 per band plus all of the accessories it came w/ and that’s a steal. I purchased from Amazon instead of the Bodylastics website because Amazon offered free shipping on the set (saved $11). It then took about a week for them to arrive in Philadelphia from Arizona. I was surprised at how small the shipping box was. I was even more surprised at how tight everything was packed and how it took up hardly any room at all to store this near 400lb home gym. All twelve bands were in one bag and all the handles(4), ankle straps(4), and door anchors(2) were in another smaller bag. The duffel bag in the photos was black and blue but for some reason I received a black and red one. Does anybody want to trade?

Then I dumped everything out to examine. The bands were of great quality and the clips were solid. I thought my handles were supposed to be black and blue as well, but I received four black and red ones. The ankle straps had a nice padding on the inside to avoid irritating the skin. The door anchors huge and were had no way of slipping through the door unless they were mounted incorrectly and your whole door flew open while using them.

Some documentation was provided which included a manual of how to properly use the set and diagrams of over 100 different exercises organized by muscle groups (great to carry around). I also received a lifetime membership to Strength Band University (SBU), an online video guide of how to perform the exercises in the manual. There’s also a P90X handout w/ demonstrations of how to do some of the P90X exercises that aren’t as obvious to convert from free weights to bands. Aside from all the paperwork, there’s a bonus demo dvd w/ a video of how to use your set safely and also workout episodes, each from four different Bodylastics online shows which can be viewed live or archived for free at Lastly, a six disc dvd set of the latest release of Chiseled, episodes 37 -54 of the main exercise show provided by Bodylastics. However, these can also be viewed for free on, aside from the fact they are now up to episode 272! I could still carry it around in the bag though for those times I may be unable to get online.

With all of that, everything it came w/ packed up nice and neat w/ plenty of extra room to spare in the micro-sized duffel bag. I stashed the DVDs in the mesh side pocket on the left and decided to keep a body tape measure and a caliper in the zip-up pocket on the right. Altogether it weighs less than ten pounds, enabling me to carry this set anywhere to work out anytime (still wish my bag was black and blue though).

After testing out the bands, all of the doubts I had towards them had disappeared. These things were tough. The first two episodes on the demo disc made my muscles give out quickly by trying to match and even exceed the instructors. Blake loves to add a set of “reps to failure” in which you ignore your set number of reps and continue until your muscles give out. These things will leave you feeling like Gumby. It’s so easy to add and subtract resistance by simply clipping on and off extra bands, and for the price, a pair of the best SelectTech’s fall oh-so short of this set. Now when I go to the YMCA, all I do is cardiovascular work. I run on the treadmill, elliptical and cycle for an hour and then play basketball and occasionally relax in the lounge on my computer. All of my stength training is now done w/ these bands and I’d recommend them to anybody.

My set offers up to 388 lbs of resistance. Yes I know that I won’t be moving numbers like that anytime soon, but this is a one-time purchase that I can grow w/. The bands come w/ a lifetime warranty and if anything fails, I can simply get a replacement. They have sets starting at $45 so anyone currently w/ a gym membership should be able to afford one of these amazingly portable systems. Take advantage of the 90-day trial period and check them out.


Bodylastics Resistance Bands


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  1. Great information! You explained the whole process very well, def sold me on the concept of these bands. And from the way you broke it down, it sounds like these work for lots of different people on various levels! Thanks for the info!