301 vs 307 Redirect – Which URL Redirection Should You Use?

Do you need to use a 301 or 307 redirect to reserve top-level domains, make it easier to remember affiliate links or maybe to log impressions and clicks on outgoing links? Understanding 301 vs 307 redirect is easy. First, for anyone NOT familiar with URL redirection, also known as URL forwarding, or could use more of an understanding, […]

Buy a URL Fast and Cheap

Even in 2012, some of us have no idea how to begin making an online presence outside of social media. Before you can start building your brand new website or blog, you will need to buy a URL. It is actually very simple to buy a URL. It is a speedy process and there are plenty of places […]

Get Professional Dedicated Web Hosting for a Penny!

Professional dedicated web hosting is something we are all looking for in a web server provider. Are you currently in the market for a web server? If you need hosting then I’m glad you stopped by. Allow me to let YOU in on this GREAT offer! I get professional dedicated web hosting with HostGator! I […]