I Never Went to College Because High School Was an Eye Opener

When I was five years old, I wanted to grow up to become a video game designer. When I was seven, I wanted to become a professional basketball player. Ten, a singer. Sixteen, a rapper. At seventeen, I just wanted to be happy, so I never went to college. I never went to college but […]

Stay In Your Lane by Prioritizing

My Babe and I decided to go bowling early this afternoon. I arrived a few minutes before her and had a moment to observe the venue. The atmosphere was just right. Music was playing subtly in the background and the air conditioning felt great in contrast to the 90º weather outside. A nice bunch was […]

Income for Dummies

Trading your time for money is just plain stupid. It’s income for dummies. Working a job makes me feel like a child in school. I feel that way because children have NO authority. Either you go with the program or get suspended. End of discussion. Aren’t you sick of having to wake up at a […]

It’s COOL to be a NERD?

It wasn’t cool to be a nerd. As a little kid, I wore clothes that fit. I carried a Game Boy in my pockets and listened to Red Grammar & Wee Sing. I watched Woody Woodpecker, Bill Nye and Bible cartoons. I grew a strong passion for the home team Indiana Pacers. I was born […]

Education is Freedom, School is a Conspiracy

In elementary school, I learned the basics and got straight A’s with perfect attendance. School was fun to me. I was very active in the classroom and participated in plenty of extracurricular activities after school. In middle school, I was being taught things that I believe to be less essential. I stopped paying attention and started sketching […]

Bodylastics Have Arrived

“Well actually, I’ve had them for a little over a week but I’m just getting around to sharing my experience.” It all started one day when I was on YouTube looking up different basketball drills and strength exercises. I saw this one guy outside using what’s called a resistance band/tube slightly hunched over and doing […]