AdGoggle Review – Monetize Your Social Network

You may or may not have heard of the mobile advertisement affiliate program called AdGoggle. What is AdGoggle? AdGoggle is a mobile application that pays users a monthly income when they or their network view and click on mobile advertisements. The company is founded by CEO Horr Wai Wong, a businessman based in Malaysia with a […]

Customize Your Google Plus URL

All of the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter have given users the ability to include their user name, nickname or a custom handle as part of a vanity url that links directly to their profile. Well…all EXCEPT for Google Plus! I find it awkwardly interesting that Google hasn’t given it’s users the option of […]

Why You Need to Rearrange Your LinkedIn Profile Today

LinkedIn now gives users the freedom to rearrange the modules on your profile however you’d like. I missed the memo so I’m sure plenty of others have too as many LinkedIn profiles still show the default arrangement. Why rearrange the modules on your LinkedIn profile? I am excited for this new feature because it allows users to place […]