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All of the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter have given users the ability to include their user name, nickname or a custom handle as part of a vanity url that links directly to their profile. Well…all EXCEPT for Google Plus!

I find it awkwardly interesting that Google hasn’t given it’s users the option of creating a unique Google Plus url. Especially considering that Google has failed several times before at having a successful social platform, one would think that they would at least make the little things easy and painless.

Creating a Vanity Google Plus URL

If you’ve been wondering how you can change your Google Plus url and would like to include a your own unique link, then look no further.

My super duper, extra lengthy, complicated, impossible to remember Google Plus url is:

but now it is now simply…

…with no thanks to Google. Of course we could wait around to see if Google will eventually implement this functionality (like Facebook did…eventually), but for those of us that aren’t as patient, we are fortunate to have a great third-party solution.

Create Your Google Plus URL w/ is a free profile link shortening service for Google Plus.

Of course you could get away with using or another shortening service but wouldn’t you rather your Google Plus url link to be undisguised? gets MY vote!

The service isn’t one of a kind, but in my opinion, it is by FAR the most attractive third-party method of creating a vanity url for your Google Plus profile. Using allows you to claim a short, sweet, easy to remember link with the custom handle that you desire (if available).

google plus url

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First, head over to with your Google Plus profile ID handy. As shown in the provided screenshot, it is the long, twenty-something, numerical string after “”.

Paste your Google Plus profile ID in the right text field and type the nick name of your choice on the left side.

If your chosen handle hasn’t been claimed by another user, Gplus.tco will generate your shortened url and add it to it’s database.

From now on, every time someone uses your shortened Google Plus url, they will be redirected to your profile. Isn’t that convenient!


…and connect with ME on Google Plus.

  • What do you think of this handy service? Do you possibly know of a better solution?
  • Is there another url shortener for Google Plus that you prefer over

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