Education is Freedom, School is a Conspiracy

education freedom, school conspiracy

In elementary school, I learned the basics and got straight A’s with perfect attendance. School was fun to me. I was very active in the classroom and participated in plenty of extracurricular activities after school.

In middle school, I was being taught things that I believe to be less essential. I stopped paying attention and started sketching Animé doodles during class. Instead of school, my attention shifted to Pokémon cards and Dragonball Z episodes. My grades weren’t as high as they were in elementary school.

In high school I didn’t learn ANYTHING that I went for and nothing essential besides English. I lived in the school’s hallways and in one marking period, I even had a report card with all F’s. I was being fed milk and I was a reptile.

I read novels and played basketball the majority of the time. I was still sketching Animé here and there. The Yu-Gi-Oh! cartoon was the hottest thing out and the card game became my favorite hobby. I spent hours and dollars putting together a LETHAL dragon-type deck and thrashed my way to being one of the top duelists in my school.

None of that has anything to do with my schooling, however…

I scored the highest in the WHOLE Informational Technology academy on my PSSAs.

I finished the year with an A+ in my graphic design class but only showed up two days out of the year.

I never really earned all of my high school credits so I slightly altered my transcript. I call that working smart!


I left high school with the same diploma as those who put forth 200% more effort than I did, learning the same useless information that is forgotten today. Most of them went to college and are now paying child support for a daughter named Sallie Mae. The majority of them have taken what they learned and are currently building someone else’s dream.

Schooling may give you some opportunity, but to rely on schools for an education is foolish and ridiculous.

I took the English language, a broad vocabulary and relevant skills to begin improving my financial IQ and have started building MY dream.

Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
– Isaac Asimov

Education is freedom, school is a conspiracy.

With the intent to inform, indulge and inspire!

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