I Have a Copy of Eugene Bell Jr.’s New Book, “What Are You Waiting For?”

what are you waiting for, eugene bell jr

I have known Eugene Bell Jr. for a little over five years.

Eugene and I first met during my first venture in network marketing. I was recruited by someone that pretty much abandoned me immediately after I submitted my enrollment. Since my up-line was useless, I had to attach myself to my up-line’s up-line, Eugene.

I had just turned 18, knew I wasn’t going to college and didn’t have a plan. Network marketing became my plan and Eugene was doing it! He began to walk with me and educate me on how to succeed in this industry. Since then, he’s continued to educate and coach me on business, relationships, life and most importantly, how to become a BETTER ME.

Eugene has built AND lead successful sales and marketing organizations. With over 15 years of successful sales experience, he is what I consider to be a veteran in the industry. Eugene also writes for his blog at GiveYourselfTheGreenLight.com.

What Are You Waiting For? – 11 Action Steps to Giving Yourself the Green Light in Life!

The title of this book is clearly a question that we should all look in the mirror and ask ourselves. We ALL have dreams, things we want to accomplish and experience. Unfortunately, a lot of us will die with a bucket list longer than our resumes. Why do we constantly put off taking the necessary actions required to achieve the things we truly want? We instead continue to settle for where we’re at, with no end in sight.

With many looking up to him as a valued source of information and encouragement, I should have saw this book coming long before he mentioned it to me. Regardless, I’m glad it’s here. At just under 120 pages, “What Are You Waiting For? – 11 Action Steps to Giving Yourself the Green Light in Life!” is a short read, making it a guidebook that can be consumed in a short amount of time as well as making it that much easier to read through again. This book may be the exact type of FREQUENT motivation most of us need!

Everyone has a book impending to arrive out. YOU just have to tap into it.

Most of us? I meant ALL of us. As Zig Ziglar said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.” Finally, Eugene’s thoughts, ideas and steps on self-improvement, success and proaction in the palm of my hand with step by step instructions. I can’t wait to bury my nose in this book!

Yesterday, Eugene was invited downtown in Philadelphia for a speaking engagement and invited me to come and be a part of it. Unfortunately, it was right in the middle of the afternoon’s peak hours. I left IMMEDIATELY after work but floods of downtown-traffic combined with frequent RED-lights and the scarcity of downtown-parking left me nearly nine blocks away and 25 minutes late!

I arrived just as Eugene and his wife were coming out. Frustration was already present from the hectic journey but now a bit of disappointment began to develop, I had missed it!

I had missed an opportunity.

Had it not been during peak hours, I wouldn’t’ve had to walk such a great distance, as there would have been more parking available.

Had it not been for the traffic, I wouldn’t’ve been at the mercy of round two of the rat-race.

Had it not been for my job, I would have headed there earlier to give myself more time.

Regardless of any of those other variables, the honest truth is that I don’t have complete control of my life. It is because of where I have allowed myself to be that I am at the mercy of each of the RED-lights that slowed me down and ultimately caused me to MISS the opportunity I had.

We all need to take the necessary action to prevent ourselves from being a victim of life’s RED-lights and instead pave our way to a life full of GREEN-lights.

These are GREEN-lights that will allow you to make positive choices that will elevate you UP the ramp and on to life’s highway. Once there, you won’t have to deal with life’s traffic jams and waste time searching for a place to fit in. The road for you will be WIDE OPEN and it will seem as if life has reserved only the best for you!

The ones that will be searching for parking spots are the ones that arrive late. The ones that DIDN’T travel the highway and got held up at RED-lights.

In his book, Eugene has written in great detail 11 Action Steps to Giving Yourself the Green Light in Life. It all starts with an empowering attitude and a mental shift. As the book says, “Mindset will shape your philosophy, which goes to dictate your action, which will ultimately determine your result.”

Stop putting off the life you deserve.

What are YOU waiting for?

I’ll be reading MY copy, now Give YOURSELF the GREEN-light today!

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