Income for Dummies

income for dummies

Trading your time for money is just plain stupid.

It’s income for dummies.

Working a job makes me feel like a child in school. I feel that way because children have NO authority. Either you go with the program or get suspended. End of discussion.

Aren’t you sick of having to wake up at a certain time every day because someone TOLD you when to report to work?

Income for dummies evidence marker #1:

One thing I’ve always hated about having a job is that I have to plan my entire life around it.

There have been times where I had to lay down and try to force myself to go to sleep. It was painful, but the only alternative was to wait until I actually WAS tired but then only get three hours of rest before my alarm went off.

Any decisions to stay up late, out late or leave town were entirely dependent upon my work schedule. I worked a typical five days on and two days off, but even with two days off, the last day off never felt like a REAL break. Like Sundays, I always had to conduct myself as if it was a “school night”.

Aren’t you sick of not being able to take a break and having lunch until you’re told?

Income for dummies evidence marker #2:

This ALWAYS has made me feel like I did in elementary school. Whenever I needed to use the restroom, I’d have to ask for a hall pass. 75% of the time my request was denied.

There was no eating allowed in the classroom. Each day, I had to wait until it was 11 o’clock so I could then march to the cafeteria with the rest of the class. But I was hungry at 10 o’clock! If I got caught eating during class, there were repercussions to follow. As a matter of fact, if ANYTHING was in your mouth besides saliva, tongue and teeth, you were in trouble…even words!

Boy, this sounds so familiar. I’ve been disciplined for eating candy and “talking too much” with coworkers. Pathetic…

Aren’t you sick of not being able to go home until the time you’re scheduled to be dismissed?

Income for dummies evidence marker #3:

Once again, I am reminded of my days in school.

The last hour always seems to take forever. Sometimes, I’d get so tempted to just sneak out of class when the teacher wasn’t looking. By the time I actually worked up the nerve to do it, the teacher would always conveniently stand near the door as if they knew exactly what I was plotting to do.

A few times, I clocked out of work early. I always make sure the coast was clear before doing so but on the way out, I always ended up dodging supervisors and assistant managers.

They’re ALWAYS where I don’t need them.

Aren’t you sick of working in fear?

Income for dummies evidence marker #4:

A lot of times, I did what I had to do in school just to keep myself out of trouble with my parents. I felt that almost every class I had beyond seventh grade was pointless to me. I learned nothing from them. I spent a lot of time sketching in class, goofing off with the kids in the back of the room or simply sleeping. I was uninterested in hearing about molecules, buffalo and former presidents.

My academic and behavior grades slipped.

Teachers would call home frequently and mail home progress reports on a regular basis. Usually, my parents were very unhappy with the news. It resulted in spankings and punishments, which I hated. So to avoid the discipline, I forced myself at times to just go with the program.

I showed up to work on time and did my job as instructed in fear of losing it. If the company had a particular dress code or some type of policy, I would never bother to question it. I just did as I was told.

I had a friend get fired on the spot for asking his boss,

“Do you think it’s fair for me to have to work all my areas PLUS theirs just because I work at a faster pace than the others?”

See what happens when you question things in a place where you have no authority?

Treated like a child…suspended.

Jobs are elementary and as six year old children, we are dumb. In the business world, being an employee is being on the bottom. The first step.

Grade school.

Actually it’s PRESCHOOL because in elementary school, you get promoted every 10 months! Good luck finding that at a job as you will end up repeating the same levels for years. It’s a path that leads to nothing more than just a treadmill.

Jobs are okay place to start off but in no way a phase to spend a lifetime in. There’s little room for advancement, no security and you will ALWAYS be at the mercy of a superior who can snatch your linear income stream from you at any given moment.

Does that sound like a situation you’d want to remain a victim of until your 60?

Wouldn’t you get sick of that?

For the time being, by all means do what you have to do to make ends meet. However, I will never understand people that complain about their circumstances every day yet stagnate in their misery. You have to DO more to GET more.

“Complaining about the itch won’t scratch it…Be Proactive.” – Ike

  • What do you think about your job or career and the corporate ladder climb?
  • Do you feel as though your job or career is truly an equal opportunity?

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