Lightroom 3 Exports Smaller Photos with Blurry Watermarks

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a wonderful photo editing application. I recommend it over Apple’s Aperture. However, technology doesn’t seem like it wants to work in my favor lately and leaves me wondering, is it me?

I just came across a very weird issue that occurs when you allow Lightroom 3 to watermark photos when they are exported at a low resolution. I was in the process of exporting some photos from Lightroom 3 to upload to this website when I noticed my watermark wasn’t looking as crisp.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a solution? I have a recorded a video so you can take a look for yourself at my issue. I figured that I’d share my experience in case anyone can shed any light on this.

If there IS a fix, workaround or solution, then please let me know!

Watch in HD to really see the quality of the watermark.

(You can also slightly see the scar on my right brow, a result of the injury back in December. :()

Are you experiencing this issue as well?

Have you found a method to prevent this from happening?

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