Why You Need to Rearrange Your LinkedIn Profile Today


LinkedIn now gives users the freedom to rearrange the modules on your profile however you’d like.

I missed the memo so I’m sure plenty of others have too as many LinkedIn profiles still show the default arrangement.

Why rearrange the modules on your LinkedIn profile?

I am excited for this new feature because it allows users to place their most details FIRST. This gives you the flexibility to put your best foot forward by having the details that best represent your professional identity stand out.

College graduates can impress employers with their degrees by moving the Education module closer to the top. By now, most of us are aware that employers have started monitoring the social media profiles of employees and observing the profiles of new applicants. A well organized LinkedIn profile may be the thing that gets you hired over your competition.

An entrepreneur that never had an interest in schooling beyond high school wouldn’t need to have the ‘Education’ module at the top. The ‘Experience’ and ‘Skills & Expertise’ module would be an ideal choice for others to see first when viewing their LinkedIn profile.

Bloggers and internetwork marketers can drag the ‘WordPress’ module to the top to showcase their articles and get more readers to their sites.

Thought leaders and motivational speakers might want to drag the ‘Reading List by Amazon’ closer to the top to give viewers their recommended list of personal development books.

Satisfied clients and former/current business partners that have had an excellent experience with you will have no problem giving you recommendations on LinkedIn. Last but not least doesn’t apply here so you wouldn’t want your professional recommendations all the way at the bottom of  your page. Move those recommendations up so new visitors to your profile can instantly get a sense of  your credibility.

I rearrange the modules on MY LinkedIn profile to highlight the value I can provide to others.

How to rearrange the modules on your LinkedIn profile.

Sign in to LinkedIn, then hover over ‘Profile’ in the top menu and select ‘Edit Profile’. When you mouse-over the titles of the modules, the cursor will change into a four-way handle. Click, drag and drop your profile modules in the order you choose.

After you’re done, just click ‘View Your Profile’ at the top to see how your LinkedIn profile will look to the public.

The video below provides a visual demonstration.

Hope this helps and be sure to connect with ME on LinkedIn!

  • Have you rearranged YOUR LinkedIn profile?
  • What are your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on using this feature to best maximize the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile?

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