Pretty Link Pro Review – Short URL Plugin for WordPress

pretty link pro short url logo

First, this is how I discovered Pretty Link Pro: I was trying to create a few external links without the ugly outbound urls. Naturally, I went into my cPanel and created a redirect but for some reason, I kept getting 404 errors when trying to use it. I decided to wait a few minutes, which […]

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Customize Your Google Plus URL

google plus url

All of the popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter have given users the ability to include their user name, nickname or a custom handle as part of a vanity url that links directly to their profile. Well…all EXCEPT for Google Plus! I find it awkwardly interesting that Google hasn’t given it’s users the option of […]

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301 vs 307 Redirect – Which URL Redirection Should You Use?

301 vs 307 redirect, url redirection

Do you need to use a 301 or 307 redirect to reserve top-level domains, make it easier to remember affiliate links or maybe to log impressions and clicks on outgoing links? Understanding 301 vs 307 redirect is easy. First, for anyone NOT familiar with URL redirection, also known as URL forwarding, or could use more of an understanding, […]

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The Power of Leverage – Getting Results When You’re Not Working

The power of leverage simply allows you to accomplish more in less time. The power of leverage is one of the key factors that separates the rich from the poor. Trading your time for money is stupid. Using your time to create money is better. Investing your time in creating assets to make money FOR […]

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Education is Freedom, School is a Conspiracy

education freedom, school conspiracy

In elementary school, I learned the basics and got straight A’s with perfect attendance. School was fun to me. I was very active in the classroom and participated in plenty of extracurricular activities after school. In middle school, I was being taught things that I believe to be less essential. I stopped paying attention and started sketching […]

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Why You Need to Rearrange Your LinkedIn Profile Today


LinkedIn now gives users the freedom to rearrange the modules on your profile however you’d like. I missed the memo so I’m sure plenty of others have too as many LinkedIn profiles still show the default arrangement. Why rearrange the modules on your LinkedIn profile? I am excited for this new feature because it allows users to place […]

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Green Lights by Aloe Blacc (video)

green lights aloe blacc

I play this song, “Green Lights“ by Aloe Blacc, every day either when I wake up, some time during the day or before I go to bed. I play this song every day simply because it keeps me MOTIVATED! Something special happened today…I got green lights all the way…with no big red sign to stop me…no traffic […]

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Suck at Blogging? Try These Blog Tips

blog tips, suck at blogging

You’re definitely in need of blog tips if you suck at blogging so bad that you Googled it! Well you are not alone and there are plenty of others who have felt exactly how YOU may be feeling. Allow me to share with you some of my ideas in this article based on the most […]

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Buy a URL Fast and Cheap

buy a url

Even in 2012, some of us have no idea how to begin making an online presence outside of social media. Before you can start building your brand new website or blog, you will need to buy a URL. It is actually very simple to buy a URL. It is a speedy process and there are plenty of places […]

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My New Laptop, 11″ MacBook Air

2011 11" macbook air

I never thought I would ever purchase a MacBook Air. Since its release, I’ve seen it as more of a fashion statement than a worthy machine. For me, the lack of an optical drive was a sign of progress (even though that also meant I didn’t have room for a second internal hard drive). It […]

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