Cold Market Prospecting – Tips to Break the Ice

some cold-market-prospecting-tips for you.

I SUCKED at cold market prospecting. I’m not an introvert but I have never been the one to initiate a conversation with a total stranger. However, if someone initiated a conversation with ME, I’d always engage in it. Over the last several months, I’ve been working on initiating and carrying on natural small-talk with people…and to my […]

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Get Professional Dedicated Web Hosting for a Penny!

dedicated web hosting, web server

Professional dedicated web hosting is something we are all looking for in a web server provider. Are you currently in the market for a web server? If you need hosting then I’m glad you stopped by. Allow me to let YOU in on this GREAT offer! I get professional dedicated web hosting with HostGator! I […]

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Do You Have What It Takes to Start a Home Business?

start a home business

Now, more than ever, people are looking for alternative ways to earn an income outside of the income-for-dummies path…their JOB. A lot of people talk about or entertain the idea of starting a home business but the reality is, it’s NOT for everyone. If the individual does not already possess the proper attitude, discipline and […]

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I Have a Copy of Eugene Bell Jr.’s New Book, “What Are You Waiting For?”

what are you waiting for, eugene bell jr

I have known Eugene Bell Jr. for a little over five years. Eugene and I first met during my first venture in network marketing. I was recruited by someone that pretty much abandoned me immediately after I submitted my enrollment. Since my up-line was useless, I had to attach myself to my up-line’s up-line, Eugene. I […]

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Tips on Pumping Gas

tips on pumping gas

The weather is warming up and once again the demands for fuel are SKYROCKETING! As the climate heats up, gas prices in Philadelphia, PA continue to rise and have crossed the $4.00 mark. Millions of Americans are fed up w/ the cost a daily commute comes to at the end of a week. A few years […]

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Lightroom 3 Exports Smaller Photos with Blurry Watermarks

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 is a wonderful photo editing application. I recommend it over Apple’s Aperture. However, technology doesn’t seem like it wants to work in my favor lately and leaves me wondering, is it me? I just came across a very weird issue that occurs when you allow Lightroom 3 to watermark photos when they […]

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BlackBerry 9780 Camera Problem Workaround

As much as I love my BlackBerry, I hate design flaws. The BlackBerry 9780 has a camera problem. Now I RARELY take pictures on mobile phones because the quality is simply not there. I’d much rather grab the T2i or a point-and-shoot camera. When I do take pics using my phone, most of the time […]

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Bodylastics Have Arrived

“Well actually, I’ve had them for a little over a week but I’m just getting around to sharing my experience.” It all started one day when I was on YouTube looking up different basketball drills and strength exercises. I saw this one guy outside using what’s called a resistance band/tube slightly hunched over and doing […]

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