The Power of Leverage – Getting Results When You’re Not Working

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The power of leverage simply allows you to accomplish more in less time.

The power of leverage is one of the key factors that separates the rich from the poor. Trading your time for money is stupid. Using your time to create money is better. Investing your time in creating assets to make money FOR you will make you wealthy.

The most satisfying and rejuvenating feeling in the world besides sleep is waking up to see that a deposit has been made into your account, a client has been closed or you’ve been promoted or achieved a higher status in your business because your organization has reached a new milestone. Why wouldn’t you love getting results when you’re not working?

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as time management. There are just 24-hours in a day and none of us can change that. We have to manage ourselves and HOW we use our time. There have been many times I have went to bed without completing a task or chose to stay up until it was done. We all would like to accomplish more in less time. The key to getting results when you’re not working is by taking advantage of and applying the power of leverage. The power of leverage is amazing, and can be found in different ways.

Undoubtedly the BEST leverage you can possibly have for your business is the internet! Use websites and blogs, capture pages, videos, and ads to have an always accessible resource that will promote your brand automatically and on demand. That initial investment of time will begin to effortlessly generate leads to new prospects, customers and even recruiting new individuals into your business!

Think about the power of leverage!

Once these following examples are set up just one time,

  • an informative video, recorded and uploaded
  • valuable and informative article, written and posted
  • training a new rep to duplicate your actions

…it is then on autopilot. Online, anyone on the planet has immediate access to your content. If they like it, they can share your content with their Facebook or Twitter network. It doesn’t require you to schedule a time to meet or for you to press a button to play a video. Offline, an unknown prospect can be recruited into your organization by a downline rep. Once again, without you doing anything at all besides just going about your day. These are perfect examples of activities being fulfilled when you are NOT working.

That’s why I’m happy right now. I woke up and received an email that a potential client of mine is now an official and recurring customer. I simply gave them instructions on how they can educate their self on my service. Now, I will be getting paid each month hereon as long as they remain a customer.

What was I doing when she completed her online enrollment?


Obviously NOT working. So how’s that for a display of the power of leverage?

  • How do you feel the power of leverage can give more time back to you while improving your business?
  • What are some things you would do if you could spend less time working?

With the intent to inform, indulge and inspire!

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