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First, this is how I discovered Pretty Link Pro:

I was trying to create a few external links without the ugly outbound urls. Naturally, I went into my cPanel and created a redirect but for some reason, I kept getting 404 errors when trying to use it. I decided to wait a few minutes, which turned into an hour, to see if it kicked in.

It didn’t.

I gave up and decided to contact the wonderful customer service department at HostGator. I was connected with Rafael M. who quickly figured out the issue.

(5:28 pm) [Rafael M.]: Sorry for the delay
(5:30 pm) [Ike]: It’s fine…
(5:31 pm) [Rafael M.]: Now the “” redirect is working
(5:31 pm) [Ike]: Great! What was the issue?
(5:31 pm) [Rafael M.]: basically, the problem is that the redirect rule gets written after the WordPress items in .htaccess. So, it runs the WordPress stuff first
(5:32 pm) [Rafael M.]: The fix, is to move the redirect code from the bottom of .htaccess to the top
(5:32 pm) [Ike]: Oh ok. Cool, that makes sense…
(5:33 pm) [Rafael M.]: Just remember to edit that in .htaccess for any new redirects that you create

So if your site is running WordPress, THIS is the solution to fix your broken cPanel redirects. But that would get annoying REAL fast! So I began searching for solutions and discovered Pretty Link Pro.

Why use the Pretty Link Pro Short URL redirect plugin?

I’m not sure about you but I have my own self-hosted WordPress blog because I want to have as much control as possible. Since I don’t have my own server set up, the only variable is HostGator, which I’ve never had an issue with. is probably the most common short URL generator on the web but who’s to say they will always be around? In the event that or any other short url service goes under, your entire web trail of short url links are instantly dead. If you’re a hardcore affiliate marketer that uses short urls, this means that the plug is pulled on your business. That’s the risk you take when relying on a third-party because you give up all control.

With Pretty Link Pro, you can shrink and personalize all the links to external sites that you provide on your blog. Unlike other short URL services, Pretty Link Pro shortens links using your OWN domain name AND tracks those links. Simply put, Pretty Link Pro makes it super simple for you to shrink, cloak, track and share your links.

Pretty Link Pro features top other short URL redirect services!

After installation, Pretty Link Pro sits pretty in your WordPress menu with its own list of options. This is the central hub for managing all of your links.

Redirect Types

Pretty Link Pro give you MANY options to determine the type of redirection you want to use for each link. At the top of the list are the common 301 permanent and 307 temporary server-side redirects. Advanced options include Cloaked, Meta refresh and Javascript redirects. Pretty Link Pro has also included its own innovative Pretty Bar and pixel tracking redirects.


Perhaps one of the best features in Pretty Link Pro is its automation. The time it takes to market your business offline and then online by creating content for your blog, marketing your affiliate products, sending out emails and growing your presence on social media can be a little overwhelming. When marketing online, it’s important to automate as many tasks as possible.

To automate your affiliate links, Pretty Link Pro can automatically create short URL links for all of your pages & posts. Having the ability to add relevant links to your blog posts on AUTOPILOT can save you a considerable amount of time. Pretty Link Pro can analyze your content and replace key words and key phrases with links. Even better, YOU control how many per post and this feature works on all of your new content as well as all of your existing posts!

To assist your social media efforts Pretty Link Pro has the ability to automatically tweet a customizable message to a number of Twitter accounts when a post is published. If you don’t already have social sharing, Pretty Link Pro will give you the option to add a trackable Tweet button to each of your posts.

There are several more automation features in Pretty Link Pro with my favorite being Auto URL Rotation, where just ONE link can cycle between up to five different target pages!

If you’re marketing online, you need to have Pretty Link Pro.

When you purchase Pretty Link Pro, you’ll also get free lifetime updates and support. Being that time is money and our most valuable asset, this WordPress plugin comes with a load of convenience and leverage that far exceeds its price tag.

Try the Pretty Link WordPress-plugin and with a 30 day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. If you don’t like it, simply contact the Pretty Link Pro team and they’ll issue you a full refund.

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  1. Your review on pretty link pro is fantastic. It is well used for the URL shortening. I have been using Pretty Link free version but now will be upgrading to Pretty Link Pro.