Get Professional Dedicated Web Hosting for a Penny!

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Professional dedicated web hosting is something we are all looking for in a web server provider. Are you currently in the market for a web server? If you need hosting then I’m glad you stopped by. Allow me to let YOU in on this GREAT offer!

I get professional dedicated web hosting with HostGator!

I will never run out of great things to say about HostGator! Since the time I transferred my domain and files from my previous registrar/host, I’ve had nothing short of an EXCELLENT experience with HostGator.

Anyone that knows me knows that I take everything through a serious scrutiny before making a final decision. For over a year now, I haven’t seen anything come close to matching HostGator’s flexibility, affordable prices and superior customer service. When I refer others to a product or service, I am putting MY reputation on the line and my experience with HostGator gives me complete confidence.

How you can get professional dedicated web hosting using HostGator for just one penny!

So, that was a brief testimony but now I’m going to tell you how you can get in on this offer. Below is a HostGator coupon code for you to get your first month for one cent.

Use this HostGator coupon code and select the Hatchling or Baby plan when signing up for a new account. This will get you your first month for just one cent!
Sometimes HostGator has seasonal promotions so if there is a default coupon code, simply replace it with this one.

What are you waiting for? Risk a penny to test drive the best value you can get from a web host!

For an already excellent service, this penny giveaway is huge bonus. By using the HostGator coupon code MAKESURE01, it IS a giveaway because it’s practically FREE! Other web hosting providers simply do not offer monthly web hosting and professional quality COMBINED with the sweet offers you get from HostGator. This is a no-brainer if you’re considering starting your own website or blog or you’re just looking to move your domain to a new web server that won’t increase fees or give you a headache from instability and bad customer service. The competition is simply subpar in comparison.

Need Hosting? Then you need dedicated web hosting. USE the coupon code to try HostGator for a penny!

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  1. CLICK HERE to go to Hostgator’s web server sales page.
  2. Use an existing domain, I do NOT recommend purchasing domains through your host. Generally, they charge more and give you have less control of it. If you don’t have one, click here.
  3. Click ‘Continue to Step 2’.
  4. For ‘Package Type’, select ‘Hatchling’ or ‘Baby’ and set ‘Billing Cycle’ to ‘1 Month @ 0/Mo’.
  5. Create a user name and a security PIN for your account.
  6. Fill in your billing information, agree to the terms and click ‘Create Account’.

This is a great offer to try out top tier web hosting. Don’t miss out!

For those that have already made a decision and feel that HostGator is right for them, you may want to purchase a 6, 12, 24 or 36 month plan. Instead, use the HostGator coupon code MAKESURE25 to get a whopping 25% off your total plan price!

  • Get in! Try it out and tell me what YOU think about HostGator!

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