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You’re definitely in need of blog tips if you suck at blogging so bad that you Googled it! Well you are not alone and there are plenty of others who have felt exactly how YOU may be feeling. Allow me to share with you some of my ideas in this article based on the most common reasons that I have heard from people who suck at blogging.

You suck at blogging because you forget to do it.

Yeah right. 90% of the time, you think about it all day long and continue to push it off until later. Then it gets too late, so you tell yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Tomorrow never comes and before you know it, a few weeks or even a month has passed.

If you suck at blogging because you forget to do it then you don’t suck at blogging; not at all.

You’re just an overachiever in procrastination…but since it takes the rest of your life to fail, there IS hope! Let’s continue.

You suck at blogging because you don’t know what to blog about.

This is probably the BIGGEST reason why most people who start blogs eventually stop adding content to them. This is probably ALSO the biggest reason why most people keep pushing their daily post so far into the next quarter (a.k.a. forget – see Challenge One). If you suck at blogging because you don’t know what to blog about, let me relieve you of this self-imposed mental road block so that you may proceed!

What do you blog about?

To be honest, WHATEVER the heck you want! Forget about trying to stay within a niche unless you’re reading a chapter, watching a video or having a life experience EVERY SINGLE DAY about that niche that you can summarize. If you can, then great! However, most people won’t. Therefore, I’m going to suggest that you take a more universal approach.

If you suck at blogging, Brainstorm.

Keep pouring your ideas out into drafts and then build your post around them.

TIP: If you have a smartphone or tablet that you carry around on a regular basis, then download WordPress Mobile. If you’re using a free service like Tumblr or Blogger, then download the mobile app by visiting your app store.

Throughout your day you will be exposed to PLENTY of things that will give you an opportunity to be expressed in your writing. Here are a few examples:

  • a good book, article or social media post you’ve read
  • a commercial, tv show or movie quote that inspires you
  • a news story, current event or article you find interesting
  • a song or music video that you enjoy or despise and why
  • a conversation with a friend, family member or leader
  • just something you experience, witness or hear during the day

If you think Barack Obama sucks, blog about it.

If you feel as though the Miami Heat were favored by the league and the officials to win the 2012 NBA Championship, blog about it.

I have a bunch of drafts filled with sporadic thoughts from the spur of many moments. I later return to them to review the ideas I’ve already put in them and to then elaborate and expand my blurbs in to a full article. My idea target is usually between 400 -700 words but before I know it, I’m well over 800.

You suck at blogging because you’re not consistent.

Everything that we learn to do in life revolves around consistency. Why are you alive? Because your heart has been beating consistently since the day you were born; and since that day, you’ve had greatness within you!

Who knows what you’re capable of becoming? Heck, you probably don’t even know yourself! But believe me, there IS greatness in you!

What if your heart decided to stop beating after ninety days because your body was taking too long to grow and develop into a strong and healthy young adult?

Of course, you would’ve died…all because your impatient and ignorant heart didn’t have the belief or the patience to just keep beating and beating and beating, until YOU developed!

If you suck at blogging, don’t stop. Keep Sucking!

If you can’t get past the eighth world in Super Mario Bros, just keep playing. Give it your all… …and let it keep beating and beating and beating you.

If you can’t beat an older sibling or a friend in a game of basketball, just keep playing. Give it your all… …and let them keep beating and beating and beating.

Infants with weak legs allow gravity to keep beating them, but what happens after a few months?

They WALK…then they RUN.

I’m not about to go on a Julius rant here as I’m sure you understand my point. Keep writing, keep blogging.

Blog daily, read daily and listen to a positive and instructional audio daily. Engage in positive activities that will open and expand your mind.


It only takes a little repetition to create a habit. It’s up to YOU to create good ones.

  • Present or past, can you relate to any of these three challenges?
  • What are some other challenges you may have that you feel contributes to why you suck at blogging?
  • If in retrospect, how did you overcome your challenge?

With the intent to inform, indulge and inspire!

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